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Booking conditions, commercial and cancellation policies – “Tolasudolsa

It is important to carefully read the booking and commercial conditions below. Each booking, after its confirmation, has a contract value according to the current Italian legislation. The contract is binding for those who make the reservation and for all other subjects mentioned in the same, minors included.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of all our services, promote the correct functioning of all our processes, improve experience and offer a quiet and safe holiday for all our guests, Tolasudolsa In order to guarantee the highest quality of all our services, promote the correct functioning of all our processes, improve experience and offer a quiet and safe holiday In order to guarantee the highest quality of all our services, promote the correct functioning of all our processes, improve experience and offer a quiet and safe holiday for all our guests,for all our guests, has decided to implement ad-hoc strategies that may have to change with the entry into force of new or regulatory changes (click here to explore the Rule & FAQ).

One of the (many) things we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is to adapt to very rapid changes of rules, restrictive measures, prohibitions. We modify our habits or try to do so, adapting to the situation without this obstacles to achieve their respective projects.

All Guests of Tolasudolsa They are required to respect the rules and normal practices that allow good cohabitation.

The use of some of our activities can be limited above all according to the presence of more people. You can agree different times, type in duty, to take advantage of the breakfast and / or extra meals and during excursions in MTB maybe limit the number of participants.

Many small attentions. A more personal service. And so much space, everything for guests!

1. Booking

You can book online. This process is definitely the cheapest, the fastest and allows you to have a booking confirmation with a very close feedback:

Alternatively it is possible to send a request of availability. This mode will not recommend it if you intend to book for the same day or the next:

and wait for our reply. Following the request, an offer (not binding) will be sent. The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after our written communication reporting the total price of the stay and after the payment of the deposit, which must be carried out within 3 days of our confirmation. If payment did not take place in the required times, the reservation is to be considered canceled.

The reservation becomes binding for Tolasudolsa only upon receipt of a copy of the payment receipt of the confirmatory deposit or credit card data on which to make the authorized withdrawal.

Following each confirmed booking, regardless of the channels used to make it, Tolasudolsa it will commit to sending a confirmation e-mail or a summary voucher to be exhibited at check-in. Booking confirmation implies acceptance of our cancellation and payment terms. We kindly ask you to check the accuracy of the aforementioned confirmation data and to communicate any anomaly as soon as possible. Communication must be received no later than 4 days from receipt of the same. After this deadline, no responsibility for any inaccuracies.

To make changes to the booking it is necessary to contact the owner Valeria Bertoli, which will do everything possible to satisfy the request. However, the fulfillment of this request cannot be guaranteed a priori. In case of moving the reservation, towards a period for which the price should be higher than the amount paid, the guest is required to pay the difference, subject to different agreements between the parties.

1.1 Pre check-in and Documents

Especially in this period of coexistence with COVID-19 It is important to try to limit personal contacts so, as required by the regional protocols issued, we have implemented a procedure through which guests will be asked to register on our website. In this way you can proceed with a pre check-in By sending valid identity documents (for all guests, including children).

Upon arrival, in the absence of the pre check-in online, it will be mandatory to present a document of identification for each guest, even a minor.

2. Services Extra

Exclusively for those staying at Tolasudolsa, It will be possible to have dinner or lunch by an agreement with a minimum prior notice of 1 day before check-in.

We are very careful in the preparation of dishes for those who have specific intolerances, allergies, needs or food styles. This is not less, in our kitchen we use products containing allergens (eg peanuts, flour, nuts, dairy products, soy, eggs, etc.) and therefore we cannot guarantee a total absence of cross-contamination. Ask our staff, you will advise the most suitable solutions to you.

The choice of the agreed menu It was made to be able to offer a “tailor-made” experience and to avoid waste or overproduction.

You can choose between 3 types of Menus, Where prices are per person / meal

Lightweight Menu, 2 courses at € 17,00=

It includes: Appetizer + first or second, dessert, ¼ bulk wine, mineral water, coffee

Home Made Menu, 3 courses at € 22,00=

it includes: appetizer, first, second, 1/2 of wine, mineral water, coffee

Traditional tasty menu, 4 courses(**) at € 27,00=

It offers typical dishes based on mushrooms, truffles or game and trout (always second season) and includes: Appetizer, first, second, dessert, 1/2 of wine, mineral water, coffee. 

(**) For this menu, 2 days of minimum notice are needed.

The dishes vary according to the seasons and propose the combination with wines suitable for the dishes agreed in the menu itself. The menu is possibly agreed by time and implemented on the basis of the number of persons envisaged and in relation, as far as possible, the needs will be asked to communicate what foods are not to appreciate.

Mountain Bike Tours with Guide

With our guide Giorgio, upon arrival, bikers will make a brief briefing where they will analyze and check the level of experience, the preparation and bike of the participant / I in order to offer a “tailor-made” excursion, both In terms of duration and difficulties.

Notice per booking: 2 days minimum

Time and place of meeting :  Tolasudolsa, Località sambuceto 208, 43053 Compiano (PR) – I T A L Y

Exclusions: Lunch or tastings, bike rental

1 Day Tour

Duration: Departure: about at 9.00 am – Return: about 3.00 pm, excluding breaks

Rates: For single or group up to 4 bikers: € 50.00 = each – per group from 5 to 8 bikers: € 150.00 = a day to be divided between the participants

Half-Day Tour

Duration: Departure: about at 9.00 – Return: about at 13.00, exclusing breaks/span>

rates: For single or group up to 4 bikers: € 35.00 = each – per group from 5 to 8 bikers: € 85.00 = a day to be divided between the participants

3. Payment

General conditions, linked to the type of tariff chosen by the guest:

By choosing the STANDARD RATE, we will ask for a deposit to guarantee the reservation, equal to about 50% of the total amount of the stay. The booking confirmation of the booking will be sent following the receipt of the deposit.

By choosing the NON-REFUNDABLE RATE, you will benefit from a discount and we will ask the balance of 100% of your stay when booking.

For the 50% confirmation deposit or the balance of 100% of the stay, payment is required (excluding optional services if not already included in the choice rate) no later than 3 days from the booking confirmation date. In case of failure to receive the deposit or balance within the terms indicated, the reservation will be nothing. 

At the  Check-in or the evening before check-out will be requested the total balance balance and we accept payments with:

  • ATM
  • Credit Cards Cartasi, Visa o Mastercard
  • Cash.

NWe do not accept payments with checks or holiday bonuses

For Payments with Bank Transfer The data is as follows:

Banca: CRÉDIT AGRICOLE, Agenzia di Borgo Val di Taro (PR)

IBAN: IT11G0623065660000036070113


registered to : Tolasudolsa di Bertoli Valeria 

Send The copy of the receipt took place via e-mail a or through WhatsApp al +39.3312946881 (indicating name and mobile number of those who made the reservation)

Other payment methods, as an alternative to bank transfer, can be:

Paypal Sumup Satispay


3.1 Pre-authorization

Tolasudolsa Reserve the right to check the validity of the credit card before the guest’s arrival by requesting a pre-authorization to the membership circuit. Through pre-authorization, the temporary availability of the total amount of the stay is guaranteed, or its part to ensure that the credit card is valid. No amount is collected. The pre-authorization automatically expires after 20 days from the date requested and the amount is released. In the event of a pre-authorization with a negative result, the guest will be warned and the reservation will be canceled. In this case Tolasudolsa will have no obligation towards the customer.

3.2 Prolongation of the stay

The prolongation of the stay requires an additional booking and is subject to availability and possible tariff changes.

4. Cancellation policy

Each booking cancellation must be communicated in writing.

As required by the civil code to art. 1385, the deposit or the balance will not be refundable. Tolasudolsa however, it provides two ways that meet guests who will delete, Excluding bookings in August, in particular :

  • For cancellations with a minimum prior notice of 48 hours before check-in the deposit or the balance can be used later (within max 12 months solar) and a voucher will then be issued;
  • For cancellations communicated with 15 days minimum prior to check-in, Tolasudolsa may decide to make a part or the entire amount of what is paid.

No refunds It is up to the guest who decides to interrupt the stay already undertaken and is therefore required to pay the entire stay booked.

4.1 NoShow:

In the event of a lack of presentation, the deposit or balance will be held, or the full cost of the reservation will be charged to the credit card.

5. Causes of force majeure

Tolasudolsa It declines all responsibility for disruptions due to lacking supplies, fortuitous failures to equipment or other causes of force majeure (also the closures of national borders or areas that include our territories, decided by the competent bodies to increase cases of Covid-19). We accept all responsibility for damage caused by other guests, from atmospheric events, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, diseases and theft.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following contact details:

The Owner of Tolasudolsa, Valeria Bertoli, It is always available for your every request.

last Update: January 26th, 2022